Finally, an update!

I finally managed to get the raws scanned and we’re now into Volume 2.
Someone decided to step up and help me out with translating, so I don’t have to commission anymore.
Their name is Royal (check out their blog here:
Royal’s been very helpful and it’s even better that he also has been the translator for Arachnid, the main story Caterpillar is based off of.

I started work on Koe de Oshigoto!, but it’s a lot of typesetting work that I’m not used to, so it might take awhile until I upload the next chapter. Also, it’s very NSFW, so I don’t think I can upload it to my usual manga aggregate site, Batoto.

I decided to put all the releases into one folder so you can decide which one you want to download instead of possibly searching through old posts in the future. As always, you can still just read it online.

Download Folder:

Read online:

PS: I just realized that people have been posting comments, but the security on wordpress was keeping them from being posted until approved, and I didn’t know that .-.
Better go take a thorough look through the wordpress settings now.


Caterpillar Chapter 5 and 6 and picking up Koe de Oshigoto!

I haven’t been actively posting here. Probably because no one even knows this page exists. Well, these are the next chapters for Caterpillar. Chapter 7 will probably take a bit as I don’t have the raws scanned and I don’t have a scanner here over break.

Also, I’m picking up Koe de Oshigoto!
It was never finished scanlating and I wanted to see it finished. The manga has been completed for a time. There’s about 2.5 volumes to do.

Download Chapter 5:
Download Chapter 6:

Read Online: