That was fast

Within a day, I got Chapter 13 released also. Woo….

Download Folder:
Read online:

Enjoy the fast release. The action is going to start picking up soon.


4 thoughts on “That was fast

  1. Carp says:

    Sooooooo much caterpillar.thank you ! its really quite fun as I love arachnid !Thanks a lot !
    can i ask whether you guys are lacking any positions ? cleaner ? translator ?
    maybe i can help hahah
    I hope to read more soon XD


    • More translators are always helpful. Keeps Royal from being swamped with translating a bunch of things.
      Typesetting is also a a lacking position. I don’t like typesetting too much XD


  2. Carp says:

    ooooooh.i see.I just got into the scanlation business,so im only proficient in cleaning,not typesetting.
    Also….Im a chinese translator,which makes me redundant in most manga scanlations XD
    ahhahaha,woe is me……no more caterpillar-ing


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